"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."
Alma 26:12


Leah's Mission Timeline

Leah's Mission Timeline

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014: Holy cow this gospel is true!

Hi! How goes it?!:)

Haha! It's 80's there. Man life must be good! Yes the weather is awesome here! I have just accepted the fact that my hair will never not be frizzy and my face with never not look like I just jumped into a pool of water. Seriously though, I love it down here. :) Yes, I cool down, off islanders are so dang spoiled man. We have AC in our apartment. And washer and dryers. haha. Life is great here. We even have warm showers but... ugh. Cold ones are so much better. No, we don't all share a bathroom, it's two and two. Which is wonderful! Yes, I LOVE the other companionship! They are a hoot! Heck yes I keep everything clean! haha! You should see my section of the fridge compared to everyone elses! And my desk... and my closet... and my side of the car... ha!

It blows my mind that Josh's farewell is already coming up and Carter's papers are almost done! Wow! That's awesome! :) And I am sad that I am missing the Memorial Day Breakfast..... We are fasting today :)...  I'll be there next year! Oh wait.... haha. And yes, I email Tyler on preparation days. Letters take for freakin ever! It's not usually back and forth though. My first Preparation day was and that was so great! I love hearing from him and getting to relate and understand more of what is going on in his life. :)

This week has been fantastic! Except for all the rain. Last Monday the Branch had a BBQ at the beach and there was LOTS of Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Pork. Wow. I can't go back to regular BBQ chicken. Later we went to Matilda and Francine's house for an appointment but... they weren't there. Their next door neighbor was sitting outside his house though so we went and talked to him. His name is Raskitta, he is Jamaican, is Rastafarian and has crazy long dreds! And he pretty much only spoke Patoa... Ha. We could pick up a few words and would kind of go off of that when we were sharing things about the Gospel. We mostly just talked about Faith and prayer and such. And he invited us to come back and talk to him so that's a good sign! Man the Spirit is amazing isn't it?? Brother Hernandez and his family invited us over for dinner and they are crazy about crab. They had gone crabbing on Saturday and caught like 40 of them! Eating crab is hard! It's so much work for so little meat! I'll send pictures next week. 

On Tuesday we went to an appointment at Kayla's house and before we were going in to see her, we saw that her neighbor across the street was outside, so we went and talked to him. He is Caymanian and...... awesome. haha! He was in the military and is. A. Talker! He shared SOOO many stories about the military. Not one of them was a happy story either. Every time we would try to share something about the Gospel he would shrug it off and start telling us about how he has seen God and he is like a hero in Kenya because he told them that it was going to rain in three days because it hadn't rained in 4 years and it did! He said the spirit told him that. He told TONS of stories like that. They are all stories where he is the hero and he loves to talk about how amazing he is. But then he says that, you shouldn't praise yourself. Dude. He even offered us money! I was ready to explode! We finally got away from talking to him like two and a half hours later! We missed the appointment with Kayla and someone else! haha. His last name is Powell so we nicknamed him Preacher Powell. Later that night, Ghie and Ronald, who are Philipino and recent converts took us out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Mmm! There are a lot of philipino's down here and let me just say that they are not afraid to tell you if you are fat or you have pimples all over your face. Same with the Jamaican's haha. Patience is a virtue....

Wednesday we met with the Zandstra family again. Just their son Tyler was there though. John and Sheena were at the grocery store and came later. Anyway, We had taught them the Plan of Salvation last time and we asked Tyler what he thought about it. He is a devoted Catholic. He said, "Yeah I actually was way interested in it. I had never heard anything like that before! So I went and researched it on the internet." Ha. Seriously?? Because the internet is always right... We answered his questions and then he says, "So what is this whole Book of Mormon deal? They did a skit about it on the tv show called Family Guy." Oh my gosh! I don't even wanna know how they portrayed it on there! So we taught him the whole restoration and he was like beaming and sooo interested! At the end of the lesson, he says to us, "This is so cool! I love learning about all of this stuff! But... I don't think this whole Mormon thing is for me. But I would love it if you guys would keep coming over to talk religion with me." .....Javelin to the heart. Wow. I have hope though. I have been praying like crazy that he would see that this IS for him. They are an awesome family though. :)

Thursday...... oh boy. We went and saw Raskitta again and we brought Gabriel (from Honduras), a member with us to teach. We planned on teaching lesson 3, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Mashabela and I could hardly get a word in! Gabriel had his own lesson planned! He wouldn't listen to anything that Raskitta had to say. He just went on and on about how our church has all different races and everything and he would totally belong there and then he started teaching about Thomas S. Monson and about the Twelve and he pulled out his Ensign of Conference talks and Raskitta was getting frustrated and confused and it was just bad........ and then Gabriel told him to come to church. haha. And then they started arguing about how Raskitta felt like Gabriel was being racist and all that. We won't be bringing Gabriel to see Raskitta anymore... haha! Gabriel is an awesome teacher though.

On Saturday we went to visit Sister Chambers who is a less active and is in the hospital. She wasn't in very good condition. She had sooo many tubes all over her, and an oxygen mask with like steam or something coming out. It was sad. That hospital just reminded me of the movie World War Z because we had to walk through these doors and yeah... it was scary. But It was great to visit with her and we shared a message about Jesus Christ. We also went and saw Preacher Powell again. Jeez. He fed us Jamaican Rundown. Ugh.... It had Red Snapper fish, and dumplings and mushy potatoes. I did not like it... But I had to eat it anyway. As we were talking the same thing happened as last time! We even shared the first vision!!! And he shrugged it off and started talking about himself! He never asked us one question in our two visits. And we have seen him for 5 hours total. Whatever. Haha! Gotta love Caymanians!

Sunday was A.Mazing!!! Laura came to church and she brought her husband! They loved it too!!! Laura is the one we have been teaching and that was the first time we had seen her husband. They told us that they would love to come back next week. Next week in Sunday School we are talking about Eternal Marriage. haha! They are gonna love it. Everything that was shared at church applied to them too! The Gospel is True!! I can't wait to see them again! I am praying so hard for all of these people that we have met!

I love this gospel with all of my heart. I have felt the Spirit like you couldn't believe and I have learned SOOOOOO much in the past month. I love getting to share the gospel with others and to see how it blesses their lives. The gospel is amazing. The church is true! I hope that you all have a fantastic week. Helaman 5:12. Study that this week. Yes, it's a scripture mastery. There is TONS of good stuff in there and I just picked it apart during personal study. You will learn a lot :) Also study Faith and Miracles in the Bible Dictionary. Man I love the scriptures! Be safe this week! Love you all!

Love Always,

Sister Mouritsen

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