"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."
Alma 26:12


Leah's Mission Timeline

Leah's Mission Timeline

Friday, April 25, 2014

The first e-mail from the MTC

Hi Family! 
First of all, I love you, everyone of you! And second of all, I forgot to bring my address book to the computer lab so I am trying to remember all of your email addresses.... it's obviously not going well. I couldn't remember any of the O'Brien emails or grandma and grandpa's. So I was wondering if you could send me anybody's emails who wants to receive my weekly emails. That would be awesome. Thank you. Preferably in a written letter so I can write them down. I'm still trying to get the hang of this. I feel like I should have it down but, oh well. Haha!  
So this has been SOO awesome! Walking away from the curb was hard. I walked into the mtc and there was a rush of the spirit. It was crazy! Everybody just loves you and wants to help. It was a good, scary, weird, cool kind of feeling. Ya know? haha! I bet you do. ;) 
My companion is Sister Oman. Yes Colt, you were right and I am so happy that you were! We are so alike and I love her as a companion. We mesh really well. It has made the mtc so much easier and so much more fun. I love it here. 
I am so happy about being here and I wouldn't wanna be any other place. The Spirit is so strong. I could live here forever. Except for the food. The food is making me sick. Mwoum I miss your wonderful food! Oh man. I know that you said once that you are not a very good cook. I can tell you right now that it is A. Mazing. Seriously.  
I thought that I would have a difficult time getting up in the mornings here but it actually is really easy! My deep dark dungeon and comfy bed were awesome but.... This place is better. So go ahead and have your summer cottage ;) I'm just trying to make myself feel better... The mattresses are hard and there are spiders. Sister Oman slept with a spider last night. Haha!! I have been trying to workout on my own in the mornings just on the floor because my companion and the companionship in my room don't like exercising really. My love for exercising just like exploded here... Don't ask me why but it has. Maybe it's because all we do is sit in classrooms all day long. But I love it. Our  teachers are amazing!!  
We have a really small district. There are two sister companionships and one elder companionship. We met the Branch Presidency last night and they assigned leadership assignments. Sister Oman and I were made the Sister Training Leaders. I am excited and I love it! 
I have learned SOOO much over these few days. I was reading my Patriarchal Blessing today during personal study and it was crazy how there was so much more that popped out to me! It was unbelievable! It gave me so much comfort because I was getting a little bit frustrated. But I am totally fine now. :) Early morning personal study is the best thing in the world!!  Wow I love this Gospel. It is so true and there is no way it's not from the feelings that I have felt. I am so happy. Just so happy. I love it here. I love this Gospel, I love missionary work!!!:):) 
You are all so amazing! I love you so much! I hope that everything is going well. I feel like i'm in a strange world away from real life outside.... haha! I was about to say that I hope everything is going well in Utah but.... I'm still in Utah... haha! I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Be safe! Can't wait to hear from all of you!


Sister Mouritsen (Whoa..... That's awesome:) )

P.S. my Preparation day is on Friday. ;) Haha!   
P.P.S. Something strange:
I forgot to tell you that something weird just got like... rearranged in my brain as soon as I walked through these doors. I am talking more than I ever have in my entire life. I have to watch myself so that I don't hog the conversations.... It's awesome!! I love it! Haha! Next time you see me....... Yeah. It'll be weird. Haha! I love this Gospel and I love you guys!


  1. Leah Mouritsen, a gabber, I can't believe it. Keep it going. We love you.

    G and G Fig

  2. So she's not going to come back talking differently... she's going to come back talking more! She is right... WEIRD! Love this girl.