"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."
Alma 26:12


Leah's Mission Timeline

Leah's Mission Timeline

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/12/15: Transfers! On to Nassau, Bahamas!

Hello! Oh wait... Hi! Wah Gwan?

Sister Garrett and I had some great experiences this week! I love missionary work. I can't say it enough.

On Tuesday night at the church we had our first Bible Study/Book of Mormon class that we are starting. While we were sitting and discussing, Sister Garrett leaned over to me and pointed at the door and we saw a dark face looking through the window. As soon as we got up and looked back at the door they were gone. So we went to go open it and invite them in. As we walked out, there was no one in sight. Anywhere. And the way to get out you have to walk past a beeping thing that announces someone coming or going and we didn't hear it. It's loud. We looked around for about 5 minutes and found nothing. Then we heard someone coming from the bathroom so we walked over there and a man walked by. I walked over to him and said, 'hey were you the one poking your head in the window?' he said no, with a confused look. Then I proceeded to ask his name and if he wanted to come with us to our Bible class. At first he was apprehensive and kind of rude and just putting us off and saying that he had to go quickly to catch a taxi to get home. Eventually he started to be more curious about it the more we talked to him and he said, 'okay, can I just come for a few minutes to see what it's like?' 'Heck yes!' haha! So we went in and at first he was just standing at the back for about 5 minutes and then he sat down and then he started putting in his comments! After the class we got his number and invited him to church and to learn more about the Gospel! It was such a cool experience!! His name is Collin. :) So sister Garrett and I decided she saw an angel in the window was drawing us out of the church to go find this elect being even though he didn't know he was elect. :) ha!

On Thursday we had our institute class taught by Elder Hardy. We had an appointment fall through right before so we decided to walk around the church area and talk to people. On our way back to the church a guy who was smoking called out to us and asked what we were doing. We talked to him, gave him a Restoration tract and invited him to Institute. He said his name was Dogarthy and he said he wants to change his life and go to a church. Then we went to the church and a random number called us. So we answered and he said his name was Dogarthy and that he had just talked to some church sisters and they gave him a tract with a number on the back and he couldn't remember where the church was at for institute. haha! WHAT?! We told him it was us and where it was at. Institute was fantastic and Elder Hardy talked a lot about baptism because we were in Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants. At the end we talked to him and he is in the Elder's area... But as he left I shook his hand and he said, 'Man, I just want to get dipped!' It was awesome!

Lenny was supposed to have his baptismal interview with President Brown on Friday morning but he never showed up even though he said he was 10 minutes away. We haven't been able to get a hold of him since. We think he got cold feet. :( I hope I will be able to see him again before I leave though. He is amazing!

In Cayman, I don't know if you remember me talking about Tyrone and how his two girls came to visit. Well, I finally got their number and we were able to go find them and see them! We had a fantastic lesson about the Restoration and their mom sat in as well and they committed to be baptized! They are amazing! The daughter's names are Tianna and Tuanna, and then Arlene. I wish I could see them again! 

Saturday we also received our transfer calls and I am leaving Ocho Rios, actually I am not just leaving Ochi but Jamaica! I have been called to serve in Nassau, Bahamas! Yay! I'm excited but sad to leave the Rock. I have also been called to be the District Leader in Nassau. I'm scared about that one but we will see how it goes.

Yesterday was my last Sunday. Sad.... We went over to some member's house, the Francis' family, for home evening. We had a great time getting to watch Legacy and then, to my surprise, I go floured! Unexpectedly! And not just a little flour, it was the whole bag! It was my going away present haha! Apparently they do it to every missionary who leaves but sister Walker got away without it. It was fantastic! It just turned into a war! I'm stilll crying flour out of my eyes and digging it out of my ears and every where else you can imagine! It was a fantastic night! The tradition is flouring for people going away or coming home and birthdays. Definitely keeping that tradition when I get home. Watch out. ;) Show. No. Mercy. haha!

Well I hope you all have a good week! I will be flying out once again on Thursday. This is my 10th plane ride in almost 9 months. haha. Yah.... Well I love you all! Have a safe and blessed week!

Love your Caymanian, Jamaican, and soon to be Bahamian sister missionary,

Sister Mouritsen :)

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